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The reason Wright's Painting has stayed busy since our founding in May 2021 and has all 5 star reviews on different platforms is because we deliver great services. Take a look below at the services we offer. 



Excellent Value

 Wright's Painting will provide a team of professional exterior painters that will safely complete your home's exterior repaint, big or small. We will take the necessary steps including power washing, scraping loose paint, priming, and caulking to ensure your home stays protected from the elements and the paint job lasts for years to come.



Best Painters In Jefferson City, MO

Trim, doors, ceilings, and walls. Wright's Painting has professional painters with absolute precision, and we are thorough with our prep work. We can complete any interior painting job to perfection whether it be painting baseboards over carpet or hardwood, painting a front door, or painting tall foyers and stairways. We're experts in all phases of prep and painting such as caulking, drywall repair/mudding, sanding, precise cut ins, and rolling with consistent texture and no heavy lines. No house is too nice, and no job is too big or small. Plus, we're very respectful and clean!




Staining requires skills to keep a consistent flow and color. We are the experts you can trust to stain your wood whether it be a deck, a front door including fiberglass front doors, or another staining project. Staining your wood is the best way to better its look and protect it from the weather.

Drywall Repair and Restoration


Full Service

Drywall repair and installation. Wright's Painting can repair drywall such as settling cracks, holes, and other imperfections to bring any wall back to a flat, smooth surface. We can spray texture to match the existing texture. We can also complete drywall installation finished with seamless tape and mud.

Rolls of Wallpaper


Full Service Transformation

Get your wallpaper removed by wallpaper removal experts. Wright's Painting has the tools and know how to remove your wallpaper efficiently and with little damage, and afterwards, we will repair your drywall and give you a perfect paint job for a full service transformation.

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Revitalize Your Kitchen

Painting your kitchen cabinets can be a great way to revitalize your kitchen, but it should be done by a skilled professional. At Wright's Painting, we have the skills and knowledge to provide a slick painted finish to your cabinets.

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